Friday, January 29, 2010

Report from Sundance, Four Movies seen so far

Been so busy at Sundance this is the first time I have had a chance to report. I have seen four movies so far.
Gasland was a documentary by a North East Penn. film maker about his journey when he received a notice from a gas company asking to drill on his family land. What he found out visiting others who have had their land drilled was shocking. Contaminated water, some water that would go on fire. We find out that Dick Chaney got thru Congress the exemption from the clean water and clean air act. Great advocacy movie.

Shock Doctrine, a documentary based on Naomi Klein which shows the link of Milton Friedman political economic views of free market, little public services to poverty and right wing dictators like in Chile and Argentina and of course in the U.S. Robert Redford was on the panel discussion afterwards and talked about his own struggles to fight the good fight. What an interesting, value driven person. Of course Jacki was in love.

Bran Nue Dae was a Australian musical that was an aborigine cast manly and lead actors. It was a joy and a could counter point to yesterdays heavy movies. It recognized the history of oppression but brought such joy. You can hear it on I-tunes. The director brought her new born to the showing and talked about filming in Broome Australia on the West Coast, a multinational town that the author was raised in and reflects his own multinational roots.

Our last movie tonite was Contracorriente (undertow) a Peruvian drama about a fisherman who was married and was having a child but had a male lover. A very beautiful movie, that explored what it meant to be a man, a human being and be gay in a hostile world. It brought tears to your eyes.

Had a lot of good conversations with film lovers and film makers. One guy I meet did a whole short drama on a small video camera and it has one awards in Anchorage and Seattle film festivals.

I will try to download pictures tomorrow. Will see two movies tomorrow, Freedom Riders a documentary on the civil rights event and The Kids are Right, a drama.

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  1. Can't wait to hear your review of The Kids Are All Right. It was just sold for $5 million, the biggest sale this year at Sundance.