Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Last two reviews from Sundance

Sorry for the delay got back late from Sundance and only now getting some time to report.

Freedom Riders, is a documentary on the Freedom Rides in the deep south in 1961. Originally organized by The Congress of Racial Equality, James Farmer group, the film was directed by Stanley Nelson and will be shown on PBS next year on the 50 anniversary of the Freedom Rides. It had great interviews with civil rights advocates, Segregationists and Bobby Kennedy's aide from Justice Department. The movie does an excellent job of putting you in that place and time and showing the courage of young people, risking their lives for justice. Need some of that determination to make U.S. health care reform happen. Stanley Nelson, the director was able to get never before seen film clip of Martin Luther King in a church in Ala. surrounded by the Klan speaking to the frighten crowd as he negotiates with Bobby Kennedy for protection which comes in the nick of time in the form of troops. Highly recommend this film.

The Kids Are All Right, is a film with Annette Bening and Julianne Moore who play a long term committed lesbian couple in L.A. the couple have respectively given birth to two children, a boy and a girl by the same sperm donor. When the teenage kids want to know their biological father, in enters the dad, played by Mark Ruffalo. The script was excellent. I especially liked Annette's character who is a doctor. They got the doctor mind set down and Annette Bening nailed it. I understand it has been bought by Focus Films. The movie is a good response to the anti-gay marriage folks who see gay couples as the fall of civilization when in fact gay couples are just trying to have love and long term companionship like most of the rest of us. Take that you bigots.

I am now back to normal life. Miss the conversations on the bus with like minded people, miss the good food and especially miss thought provoking films. As Redford stated the purpose of Sundance is to get beyond the surface and go deep to find out what is really happening in our selfs and in the world around us.

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