Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back from Sundance

 A snowy ride back from Park City, a little sliding but no accident.  Good news, Push won three awards and the last movie we saw 5 minutes of Heaven won best foreign drama.  It was a exploration of reconciliation between two waring "tribes" in this case the Protestants and Catholics in Northern Idaho.  The script was excellent and the acting was great.  Again another movie I feel I learned something about.  Won't talk about the ending but to say the least it was not very realistic.  Next year, more days, more films.   Met another film person who I hope to be supportive of each other. She is working on a film about leukemia, a friend of her's died. She says I can get my project on her public access channel, one outlet down.  Good news, today got a email from Obama's staff about talking to them by phone on our community meeting.    Maybe I can be of help, it's that cool.   Thanks for the comments on the blog. Take care


  1. Sorry I met to say the script was very realistic. Should proof my copy.

  2. Bill, it was wonderful to meet you at Sundance. Your Idaho Uninsured Story Project is so timely and important, and as a social worker, you are the perfect person to bring out these personal stories to reflect on the desperate need for health care coverage for all. It's incredible that in a nation of prosperity, we can't even extend the most basic of services.