Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day One Thursday Jan 22

Warm day in Park City, light rain. Howard Zinn, historian did a reading of his work that has the speeches of famous events in people history of U.S. It was being filmed for a documentary. Mellisa Leo,  did Susan B. Anthony speaking at her trail after her arrest for voting illegally as a women. Mellisa was great, she was great in Homicide Life on the street and she lit up the stage, even though I saw it on a monitor outside of the performance space. 

"Boy Interrupted" a documentary on the loss of her 15 year old son to suicide. The most brave and best film I have ever seen on survivors of suicide.  I got to meet the director and thank her for the effort.  He maybe on HBO in the future, well worth the watch.  Bipolar disease is what he had and she admits we have little understanding of the illness. 

Last film of the day was "Big River", a 53 year old overweight man from Slovenia swims the Amazon, facing not only the waters but his own demons. He has swam the Yangtze and the Mississippi Rivers.  He and his son made the opening and it was great to see he survived after a year of what looked like a breakdown after the 60 plus day swim. 


  1. Check out the NYTIMES report today about the indie scene:"In the Snows of Sundance, a Marked Chill in the Air" (Movies)

  2. Read the article in the time but maybe the business people are worried but the energy from the film people around the films I saw are so passionate I doubt the business side of show business is getting them down. But it is disturbing how many studios have ditches their indie units.