Friday, January 23, 2009

Busy day saw two documentaries and one drama.   
Yes Men Save The World  is two NY guys who go around the world as impostors exposing corrupt crimes like the chemical spill in India, housing shames in Katrina and weird inventions to say rich people during natural disasters. Check out their web site
William Kunstler was the second documentary, traditional style on a lawyer I knew who represented progressives and later criminals. His daughters were the film makers and they spoke after the film was shown about their dad.   With all is flaws he was a great man who fought against injustice.
The only drama was a award winning job.  "Push" is about a women who is a black overweight teenager in NYC who is abused and is able to rise above it without being unrealistic. In fact the scenes with the social worker made me think of my days in county welfare in NJ.  See this film if and when it comes out. It is life changing.  
Off tomorrow to more films. Will post pictures tomorrow.

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